Pozega Shopping Capitol will bring a new food retailer that will replace the existing Konzum, as well as new tenants from the non-food sector on a total of 4,200 sqm. This shopping complex will bring a fresh shopping experience and new jobs to the city of Pozega attracting more than 26,000 shoppers.

About Poseidon Group:
Poseidon Group is a United Kingdom-based property investor, developer and asset manager.  Established in 2001 in London, it has grown to employ more than 200 people globally.  Poseidon Group is actively exploring co-investment partnerships in its UK and SE Europe projects with investors worldwide.  The current book value of its projects is EUR 1.2 billion in a portfolio comprised of over 60,000 sqm of built retail parks, 36,000 sqm of built food supermarkets, and more than 400 residential apartments and houses in planning and construction.